Long Island’s One 2 Many Band Bios

Vinny: Guitar, Vocals

Always looking to share his musical gifts and collaborate with other artists, Vinny has brought many musicians together to start numerous bands in various genres since high school.

A prolific songwriter from an early age, Vinny has been teaching guitar since the age of 16 and to his credit, taught jazz great Mark Whitfield who credits Vinny as the teacher who nurtured his love for the guitar.

The current incarnation of One2Many includes a number of the first bands Vinny formed. His first band, Brothers and Friends, eventually morphed into Fantasy and included flautist Susan (see below) and, some years later, singer Carolyn (see below).

Vinny continues to play all genres of music with many musicians in several bands, and is happy to be back with some of his earliest friends in One2Many.


Billy: Guitar, Vocals

Bill’s journey started out at age 15 under the tutelage of Vinny (see above).

Four years later, he had the skillset to become the lead guitarist of Vinny’s band, “Fantasy”.

Now, some 30+ years later, fate has brought them back together again and Billy feels honored to be part of the One 2 Many family (and they are just as honored to have him back in the fold).



One 2 Many band vocalist CarolynCarolyn: Vocals

Carolyn is a classically  trained singer who has performed with the Long Island Philharmonic Chorus and as a member of the South Bay Chamber Singers with whom she toured Austria, Vienna, Germany, and Canada. She has sung with several bands on Long Island, performing  all styles of music. Although Carolyn’s musical tastes are far-reaching and eclectic, some of her favorite bands include Heart, Blondie, Pat Benatar, Concrete Blonde and Journey, to name just a few. Friends with some current members of One 2 Many since her high school days, Carolyn has performed with the members of this band since 1979 with a band called Fantasy.



One 2 Many band keyboard flautist SusanSusan: Keyboards, Flute, Saxophone

Susan has been involved with music as far back as she can remember. In love with music from an early age, she started taking piano lessons at the age of 5 and continued to develop her musical “chops” through elementary, high school and even college in Stony Brook University Music Program. Sue’s professional music career began in high school when she joined the band “Fantasy” (with Vinny, John and Carolyn) and was playing bars and clubs long before she was old enough to drink.

Now a  wife, mom and teacher, Susan is thrilled to be back with her childhood buddies and loving the music they are making, again. She says ” We can never do this One2Many times!”.


Patti: Drums

Patty first picked up the drumsticks in Elementary school and was inspired once she saw her idol, Karen Carpenter. Back in the ‘70s it was not socially common for young ladies to choose the drums, but with the encouragement of her parents, and a mouth full of braces keeping her from other options, she found her home and her “kicks with sticks”. She was recruited from the House of Music, where Vinny enlisted her in her first real band, Fantasy. Her early experiences included winning a radio spot on local Suffolk Star time, an old talent show, as well as multiple fundraisers, private parties and many Battle of the Bands. When she originally played the venues, her parents would have to accompany her because she was still too young to play without a guardian. That was a long time ago, and after a period of musical silence, she has returned to the band who has always had her heart.


Dominick: Bass Guitar

Dominick’s musical career started in 1981 in a friend’s basement. The band that became Ottisroc needed a bassist and Dom was it. He has specialized in creating original music with bands throughout most of his career. From 1982-85, his original bands were invited to compete in prestigious high school Battle of the Bands events. As the bands matured to play in local bars and private parties, they added cover songs to their repertoire to satisfy the patron’s needs.

In 1997, Ottisroc recorded a CD of original songs and played the New York City circuit for four years. From 2001 to 2004, Dominick’s talents were brought to Kickback, which played original songs in clubs throughout the Long Island area and then, while still playing in the original band, Dominick’s talents were sought out and utilized by numerous cover bands playing the Long Island area.

Dominick claims he has never tried to copy another bassist’s style, preferring to create his own, but has always enjoyed the playing of Dave LaRue of the Dixie Dregs and Geddy Lee of Rush.

One 2 Many had the honor of employing Dominick’s talents a few years ago and now that he’s back, the band is stronger than ever. His clean, strong bass lines are the foundation of the band’s sound and take it to new heights of musical inspiration.

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